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My name is Clare and I'm from Manchester, England. I'm a freelance journalist, writer, and editor, and I've been living in Italy since 2017.

I've also lived and worked in France, Spain, and the Czech Republic. I've spent most of my adult life living internationally and writing about it, hoping to inform and maybe even amuse anyone else navigating a new country and culture.

I've been able to report from everywhere from Budapest to Barcelona on my travels, and have written news reports, features, opinion pieces, reviews and more for English-language media including The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Big Issue North, The Prague Post, Equal Times, The New European, International Living, Easyjet Traveller and Virgin Australia Magazine.

As well as current affairs and European politics, I write about property, language, food, travel, and other aspects of life abroad.

I'm currently the editor of English-language news site The Local Italy, which is part of The Local Europe.

Languages I've studied (and now speak with wildly varying degrees of fluency) include Italian, Spanish, French and Czech.

I now live in Bari with my Italian husband. I previously lived in Tuscany, and I've almost reached my goal of visitiing all 20 regions of Italy.

If you'd like to get in touch, the best way to get hold of me is by email or on Twitter.

Thanks for reading,